Why MiddleSexy?

Middle Sexy.

Older, better, sexier.

It’s how we feel.

But everything is changing. Our bodies. Our relationships. Our households. Our view of the world.

And Middle Sexy wants to be there helping you adjust to all of the changes.

With humor. And a large dose of realism.

We’re glad you’re here with us.

Jennifer Cullen



3 thoughts on “Why MiddleSexy?

  1. Hi Jennifer, how are you?

    My name is Giovanna Maradei. I’m a journalist from Brazil and I’m working in a new site about divorce. It’s hosted at Folha de São Paulo, one of the two biggest Brazil’s newspaper, and It is called “Casar, descasar, recasar” (something like: Marry, divorce, remarry) – http://www.casardescasarrecasar.blogfolha.uol.com.br

    While doing an article about sex after divorce we found your blog and you post “my first vibrator”.

    We loved it, so we would like to invite you to have a guest post in our blog. Our idea is to translate this post to portuguese and post it with a link to your blog, twitter or facebook, as you prefer. What do you think of it?

    The payment is symbolic, R$ 100 (about US$ 30), but we believe that your collaboration will be very important for the brazilian young woman, once that this subject it is not discussed by the media in our country.

    Hope for your answer

    Best regards,
    Giovanna Maradei

  2. I really enjoyed the article on yahoo …”The Mysterious Disappearance of Menstruation.”
    I honestly couldn’t relate more! The timing made it all that more relevant and helpful!
    I am 47 years old – I had two periods in a row that came early. One was a little lighter than normal and I thought maybe my periods are going to phase out. Wouldn’t it be nice if it gently slowed to a halt? But then I started to feel a little sad about this part of my life being over. Missing certain aspects of being a woman… everything involved with that part of *womanhood* the good bad and ugly– will I still feel feminine? All kinds of unexpected feelings *flooded* over me…
    But then… what I didn’t expect… they call it *peri-menopause* I hear…? ( mmm hmmm …thats riiiiigght.) I have been bleeding for two months! HEAVY> really HEAVY. All those feelings of how I will miss her…well bring it on! I am in disbelief that I went straight into wearing a DIAPER! Talk about feeling old! I’m sorry… I think I have become weak from blood loss – That first day of the period diaper sure was an experience! That’s a whole other story! HA! I think I may have found the right website- Im so glad I didn’t miss it! Thanks!

    • So glad you found us! I can’t imagine bleeding for two whole months straight. Hope you’re feeling better. And please keep reading and sharing your thoughts and experiences!

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