Top 10 Movie Sex Scenes Featuring Actresses Over 50

wedding crashers

Jane Seymour and Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers

Move over MILFs.

We’ve got a new category we’d like to introduce, AOFISS. It stands for Actresses Over Fifty In Sex Scenes, and we found enough good ones to steam up the windows in our computer alcove.

Here’s our Top 10 list of sexy actresses age fifty and over going at it on screen, usually with younger partners.

1. French actress Catherine Deneuve was 50 when she and the much younger Vincent Perez succumbed to illicit passion in the backseat of a car in the 1992 film Indochine, getting hot and heavy before their driver was able to pull over and give them some privacy.

2. In another December-May romp, a 58-year-old Susan Sarandon showed she was more than a match for Jude Law in 2004’s remake of Alfie.

3. Jane Seymour didn’t exactly bed Owen Wilson in Wedding Crashers, but the stunning 54-year-old gave us a pretty good idea of what would have been in store.

4. Charlotte Rampling always satisfies, and at 62, she shared her incredible gifts with geeky accountant Ewan McGregor 2008’s Deception.

5. Helen Mirren looks like she enjoys sex, and in 2010, at age 65, she bedded the younger Sergio Peris-Mencheta in Love Ranch, a film about a couple who opens a Nevada brothel.

6. French actress Isabelle Huppert is even sexier than when we first fell in love with her in the 1980 film Loulou. She was 50 when she starred in Ma Mère, a film about an incestuous relationship between a mother and her 17-year-old son. (It’s French, what more can we say?)

7. Julianne Moore has been pushing the envelope on movie sex scenes since she did a bottomless ironing scene (you have to go find it) in Robert Altman’s 1993 Short Cuts. It is rumored that at the time the redhead said the scene would give fans a chance to confirm that “the curtains match the rug.” She was about 50 when she performed a steamy lesbian sex scene with Amanda Seyfried in Chloe, released in 2010. (Around the same time she also starred in a not-so-steamy sex scene with sister AOFISS Annette Benning in the film, The Kids Are Alright.)

8. British actress Anne Reid was 68 when she co-starred with Daniel Craig in The Mother, acting in explicit sex scenes in which her character, a lonely widow, has an affair with her daughter’s boyfriend.

9. Meryl Streep was about 60 when she showed the world that older women can still turn on their husbands, even in the middle of the day, in 2009’s Julie & Julia.

10. Last but not least, there’s Diane Keaton showing that experience definitely matters in 2003 Something’s Gotta Give, when the actress schools Jack Nicholson on the finer points of sex after 50.

We’re sure there are plenty more out there! Use the comments section below to post your favorite movie sex scenes starring women aged 50 and over!

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