5 Sex Toys to Make Your Trip More Exciting

What do you pack when you go away for a long weekend?

I try to pack light. Only one pair of wedges. Clothing that I can wear more than once. And a single book. But I always make room for a little travel goody kit. Because part of the fun of being away is the vacation sex.

On vacation, my mind is clear. I’m away from my every day life and the responsibilities that entails. Work, laundry, cooking, cleaning. Which makes it the perfect time for me to be intimate with my husband. And to try a new thing or two.

Here are five sex toys which will be sure to liven up your vacation:

lelolily1. Lelo’s Lily Vibrator: This ergonomically designed vibe fits in to palm of your hand and can be used both alone but is really great for couples. With five different modes of stimulation, interactive lighting and a long battery charge, the Lily is lightweight and perfect to travel with.

Tri o2. Tri-O Triple Pleasure Ring: This is a cock ring extraordinaire. The two push button bullet vibes and textured nubs alone would make this a good choice. But there is an added attachment for your partner’s testicles that add a little extra sensation.


3. Iroha Mini Waterproof Vibrator: This cute vibe won’t take up much room in your suitcase because it’s the size of the palm of your hand. And feel free to use it in that deep hotel bath tub!

Fingo4. Colorpop FingO Wireless Vibrator: This little vibe fits over your finger, has an angled tip and a lot of power. With three speeds and a pulsing option, the intense buzz and stimulating nubs of this vibrator will make you happy.


5. Hearts on Fire Kit: If you want to just get up and go, take this kit with you. It includes a waterproof mini vibe, a massage candle, warming lube and a massage bar.

Throw in a blindfold and your favorite lube and you’ll be all set for an exciting trip. Just don’t forget to take the battery out or put your toy in lock mode. You don’t want any embarrassing TSA moments!

Do you have a favorite toy to travel with?

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