Sex Quickie: Foreplay Gets You Both Worked Up

foreplay handsForeplay, the part of sex that gets you hot and bothered, is sometimes overlooked but is such a crucial and fun part of intimacy. Especially as we get older when the speed with which we get turned on can decrease.

Sometimes we need to take matters in to our own hands, though I’m not referring to masturbation. (At least not this time.) I’m talking about how being the one to initiate foreplay can be sexy in it’s own right.

Foreplay can take many forms. Here are three ways you can get yourself worked up. And your partner too.

Visual: Show a little cleavage or some leg, especially when he least expects it. Like when you’re in public and nobody else is looking. Or if you’re hanging out at home, do the things you would usually do but do them while in a state of undress. A bathrobe by itself is not inherently sexy but being naked under it is.

Physical: Try a lingering touch on your partner’s rear or a quick brush up against his body. (Oh, excuse me.) Sit on his lap or even just hold his hand and lightly stroke his arm.

Verbal: How about a little sexting? It’s not just for 20 somethings. Just be careful that nobody else, like your kid, is going to read your texts. A safer bet would be over the phone, in real time. A little hint about what you’re planning to do to him later and what you want him to do to you.

What are some of your foreplay moves?


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