Sex In the Shower

outdoor showerSeveral of our closest friends have houses on a barrier island off the shore of Long Island, New York, where cars are banned and people walk or ride bicycles everywhere. The homes, situated close together on a narrow strip of land between the bay and the beach, rarely are locked and for our extended group of owners, renters and weekend guests, there is a 24-7 open-door policy in effect.

Last Saturday evening around 6, my husband went next door to borrow some red pepper flakes. He was walking onto the deck of the house, which has a large outdoor shower, when he realized that our friends were already making some substantial heat of their own.

“We should have more sex in the shower,” he said when he returned.

He’s right, because sex in the shower can be incredibly hot. It can also be incredibly frustrating, which is why I think we stopped doing it. To get to all of the best parts of shower sex – a steamy stall worthy of an R-rated movie, massages with scented bath gel, standing-up, from-behind penetration – you have to deal with all the tricky parts of shower sex – the inability to keep both partners warm, the potential for slips and falls, and the height differences that can make it seem impossible for Body Part A to maintain a secure perch in Body Part B.

So I did some research, and it turns out there are lots of tools on the market for making shower sex safe and simple.

A company called Sportsheets has thought of all of this through, and sells suction handles that let you get a grip on shower sex as it should be: hot and fast. Check out these handles for your hands and feet.

They’ll keep you safe from inadvertent slips and trips, and they can also help smooth out the logistics of height differences. (If you can’t get penetration to work, we recommend you go the hands-on route for him and her.)

As for wet massages, don’t forget to pay attention to inside as well as out. Water can dry up the vagina’s natural lubrication, so make sure to use lube.

If you want to take things to the next level, the shower can be a great place to explore anal play. Sportsheets comes to the rescue again, with anal beads.

One last piece of advice: Keep things moving! A quickie in the shower can be an intense sexual experience, and it will keep you from using too much water.


Image via O.G./Flickr