10 Signs He Wants Some Nookie

sexybedGuys aren’t subtle. And they especially aren’t subtle when it comes to letting you know that they want a little action.

Here are 10 of the most common ways your partners let you know they are in the mood. (How you respond is up to you. Check out some of the most popular excuses used to avoid sex.)

1. Grabs your hand and uses his fingers to draw on your palm.
2. Kisses your neck.
3. Rubs your shoulders.
4. Grinds against you from behind.
5. Runs his fingers up and down your arm.
6. Grabs your ass.
7. Puts your hand on his nether regions.
8. Jumps on top of you naked.
9. Climbs into the shower with you.
10. Shows you his giant hard-on.

How does your partner let you know he is in the mood? We’re all ears.
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One thought on “10 Signs He Wants Some Nookie

  1. You missed “grabs your tits”. My personal fave and one that hardly ever works. Yeah, I’m a dumb guy with a dumb stick. But I love me some Heather boobies.

    If you were to put these in order of how men would prioritize, it would go something like this:
    #1 would be my suggestion, grab the tits … then, in the best order I can think of, 7, 6, 4, 9, 8, 10. (Any of these can be substituted anywhere in the top 5), and that’s it.

    Number 1-5 are invalid and no self respecting man would ever use them … unless he actually wants to get laid. But that’s desperation time.

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