10 Ways To Flirt With Your Significant Other

holding handsRemember how exciting your relationship was when it was new? The flirting and the butterflies in your stomach. Recapture those thrills by updating all your old tricks, and adding a few new ones.

  1. Sext him. Tell him what a great body he has or what you want him to do to you when he gets home.
  2. Go old school and write him a love note, then tuck it into his pocket.
  3. Leave your panties at home.
  4. Plan a date night somewhere he likes to go.
  5. Next time you are seated near him at a dinner party, slide your foot up his leg.
  6. Kiss him on the lips in public.
  7. Go for a walk and grab his hand.
  8. Surprise him with a fancy-but-affordable gift, like expensive chocolate, good scotch, cashmere socks.
  9. Watch a sexy movie together.
  10. Tell him how much you love him.

What are some of your flirting tricks?

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Image via Tim Parkinson/Flickr