Product Review: Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa BallsBen Wa Balls are not an easy sell.

Their name sounds a little dirty and in order to use them, you have to insert the balls in to your vagina with your fingers.

And not everybody is comfortable with that. But they should be. Because the outcome of wearing them is toned vaginal muscles and better orgasms.

I’ll admit that when I heard about Ben Wa Balls I was a little embarrassed by the idea. But I had an open mind. Because I was over 40 and not much embarrassed me. My sexual curiosity came to me later in life, after my divorce, and it came on strong.

LELO Luna BeadsThe first time that I actually saw a pair of Ben Wa Balls, on a trip to the adult toy store, I was a little confused. There were so many to choose from. Made from different materials, in many shapes and even some with attached tethers. The pair I bought that day was made from glass because the idea of glass was appealing for the cleanliness factor. When I got home and opened up the package, I thought, “These two hard orbs are going to go in where?”

(What I should have been thinking was “How am I going to fish these two things out of my vagina how when I’m done?” No worries. I got them out. It gets easier with practice.)

But I got over my fear, and with the help of a little lube, have become a well seasoned user of the balls. I even got a second pair that has a little tether attached to them. Just a gentle tug and the orbs come out. (I recommend this style for beginners. No need to go fishing.)

Ben Wa Balls work like this: By moving around in the vagina, they help stimulate your muscles, similar to Kegels. Over time, the muscles become stronger which in turn allows you to have a better sexual experience. Stronger muscles equal more control and stronger orgasms. In addition, as we get older, it becomes more important to have strong pelvic floor muscles to stave off the effects of aging.

And I’ve found this to be true. So I wear the Ben Wa Balls from time to time when I’m at home, working on my computer or doing laundry. They give me a full sensation but they’re not uncomfortable.

Some people are able to climax with them in but I haven’t had that experience. (Imagine folding laundry or making dinner and having an orgasm!) I’ve also used them during sex with my husband and didn’t find that they added anything to our mutual experience. But there are those that have.

I’m just happy to have strong vaginal muscles.

The only way to find out what kind of experience you’ll have is to give them a try.

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Top image via Adam & Eve, bottom image via LELO