Chill Out: 5 Easy Ways to Deal with Hot Flashes

Chill Out Hot FlashesYou know when you’ve got one. There’s a feeling of intense heat that builds slow and steady or suddenly jumps you like a lion on an unsuspecting gazelle. It’s a hot flash, and symptoms often include tingling in your fingers, a prickling feeling along the hairline, fast heartbeat, hot or red skin, and those damn, dastardly sweats.

But readers of MiddleSexy aren’t defenseless gazelles.  We know how to turn ourselves into worthy adversaries to the hot flash:

1. Dress for Success: Wear layers, starting with a breathable lightweight or sleeveless base layer that can be seen in public. Then do your own version of a personal strip tease based on how hot you get.

2. Relax: When you feel a hot flash coming on, try deep breathing or other relaxation techniques. If you try deep breathing, make sure you inhale in a way that fills your belly with air, and exhale very, very slowly.

3. Freeze It Out: If you are near a source of ice or very cold water, use it to drink or blot your pressure points, including wrists and the back of your neck. Some women carry single-use ice packs, like those carried by sports trainers. One of my friends who works from home swears by frozen bandanas.

4. Find the Triggers: Keep a log, and see if you can identify any triggers. Likely suspects include caffeine, alcohol, stress, spicy foods, and smoking cigarettes or inhaling second-hand smoke.

5. Sweat on Purpose: Regular exercise that raises your heartbeat can help keep hot flashes at bay.

Do you have a natural way to deal with hot flashes? Share it with the MiddleSexy community right here!

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Image via infowidget/Flickr