Show Off Your Arms like Anna Wintour

tricep kickbackFeeling self-conscious about sagging skin on your arms?

Take a page from Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour and let it all hang out. As I write this, the 65-year-old style-setter is sitting in Serena Williams’ players box at Wimbledon, wearing a sleeveless dress that shows off the folds on her otherwise toned upper arms.

Exercise can only go so far in tightening our bodies. As a result, many women who have built wondrous biceps and triceps choose to keep their impressive muscles covered up, wearing sweaters, wraps and half- or full-length sleeves. I say we should follow Ms. Wintour’s example and become our own fashion icons.

One of my good friends, who recently lost 65 pounds after lap band surgery, has spent a lot of time working on her upper arms and decided to call attention to them by getting a tattoo for each. The artwork, both symbols of nature, are about the size of a silver dollar and pop out against her creamy skin. They make her feel sexy and I think they look great.

So shrug off body image worries and show the world you are ready to arm-wrestle it into submission.


Image via Victoria Garcia/Flickr