Couch Potato Sex

couchTwo good friends recently confided that their men love to fool around while they are watching TV. In one case, the preferred activity is a hand job. In the other, a blowjob is the desired action.

For both men, the thrill seems to reference their teenage days, when they were just discovering sex. Back then, most activity was deliciously surreptitious and took place while they were sitting upright, in a parked car or on a couch in their parents’ house.

“He says it reminds him of the first time he got a hand job, and that it was the best feeling in the world,” says Friend Number One.

Another friend who acknowledged that similar practices go on in her house, says that her husband likes her to kiss him on the mouth while her hands are busy down below. “For him it’s definitely about being a teenager, when you were always sneaking around and there was thrill in the act and in the chance you could be caught.”

So, did the women want their men to reciprocate? No, no and maybe.

“When I was a teenager there was still stigma around sex for girls, so if we were caught I was the one who would face more repercussions,” says Friend Number One. “I prefer my orgasms lying down, and in the privacy of my bedroom.”

“I’m the same way,” says Friend Number Two.

Friend Number Three says she’s tried Coach Potato Sex, and finds that it can be fun  –  sometimes. “It really depends what’s on TV,” she says. “Baseball games, not so much. A Harrison Ford love scene from the 1980s or anything with Ryan Gosling, now we’re talking.”