Cool Looks for Hot Weather

bandanasOne summer when our children were small, we rented a beach house with another couple. My friend Gwen was between jobs that July and offered to stay with her kids and ours during the week while the other adults headed back to our desks in the city.

We spent a great first weekend together, then waved goodbye and headed to the ferry dock on Sunday night. The next day was the start of a heat wave. A serious heat wave. In the city we turned up the air conditioning and said the kids were lucky to be at the beach.
It took a long time for Friday to roll around. We packed our stuff and made a beeline for the ferry. It was still in the 90s. We disembarked and found Gwen and the kids waiting for us. All were wearing rakishly tied bandanas around their heads. Gwen’s looked a little different from the rest. “I put it in the freezer,” she said. “Nothing cools you down faster than a frozen head wrap.”
We laughed about it. But we now put bandanas in the freezer every time it gets really hot. Sometimes we tie them around our necks, too. It’s a trick we recommend to overheated women of all ages, and to men we like too. Why not give it a try?
If you need some new bandanas, here’s a great selection.
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