The No-Show

shoe linersHere’s the secret to breaking in a new pair of shoes without blisters: just choose the right socks.

Foot coverings have come a long way in the last few years, and with the exception of sandals, designers are now sewing up socks that protect toes and heels in every style of shoe, even foot-cleavage models like ballet flats.

My favorites are the tiny toe covers I wear with mules, those low-heeled shoes that have a covered toe and are open at the heel. Approximately the size of an Oreo cookie cut in half, the toe covers stretch to protect the tender skin on my toes during the break-in process. Toe covers also come in larger sizes, and can give you coverage over the entire front half of your foot. Check out some of our favorite models at Amazon.

For dual coverage of heel and toe, try low-cut liners, which provide a cradle your whole foot sits in, protecting it from the inside of your shoe. Like toe covers, liners also come in different sizes, and there are some good ones here at Amazon.

When it comes to toe covers and liners, my personal preference are models that have some cotton in them. I find that cotton liners are more comfortable, but the trade-off is that they tend to be thicker than nylon liners. So I keep a few pair of each in my underwear drawer.

If toe covers and liners don’t give you all the protection you need, you can try a flesh-colored adhesive bandage either on the back of your heel or on the inside of your shoe. Some shoe stores also sell larger adhesive pads you can place strategically inside your shoe.

Give toe covers and shoe liners a try, and let us know how they work for you in your sexy new shoes!

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