Sleeping Naked

wynn-las-vegas-4My husband sleeps naked every night. I do not. I wear a t-shirt and a pair of non-descript bikini underwear.

This is what I have always done. At least it was until I went on my last trip to Las Vegas. I decided to experiment with sleeping naked. And I found that I liked it. A lot. It didn’t hurt that the sheets at the Wynn are silky soft and that the comforter has just the right amount of heft.

I woke up feeling sexy. Which of course made my husband happy.

When I returned home, I tried sleeping naked in my own bed but it just didn’t feel right. Maybe it was because of the teens sleeping in close proximity. Or maybe it was the fact that my sheets just aren’t as comfortable as the ones at the Wynn. Maybe I’m just a creature of habit. I don’t know but I couldn’t do it.

I went back to my t-shirts and granny panties. Until now.

We’re heading out on vacation later this week and today, as I was packing up sleep underwear, work-out underwear and every day underwear, I remembered my sleep naked experiment and I’ve decided to not bring any sleep underwear. Or t-shirts. That way, I won’t have a choice. We’re staying in some nice places so I’m sure that the beds will be comfortable.

I’ll be able to pack less clothing. And have more room for some fun vacation items.

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