Diet Quickie: Nuts

nutsWhen I travel these days, I make sure to pack a nut sack. (And yes, I giggle every time I say that.)

I don’t want to be stuck on a plane or in an airport without something to snack on. And a bag of nuts is the perfect travel companion. Nuts are portable, they don’t need any special care and they are full of protein, vitamins and good fat. They are filling and can help you make it through a long day without sabotaging your diet with junk food. Nuts also fit perfectly in my paleo-centric lifestyle.

My ideal nut sack contains almonds, macademia nuts, walnuts and some Brazil nuts. And if I’m feeling a little randy, I’ll add some toasted coconut and mini dark chocolate chips.

What are you going to put in your nut sack?

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Image via Adam Wyles/Flickr