Celebrating Father’s Day (The MiddleSexy Way)

DadBodThis Father’s Day, in addition to the barbecues, brunches and bundles of ties, socks, golf balls, sweaters and bathrobes you have planned, may we suggest another kind of gift for the man you are celebrating: a really good role in the hay.

It can be low-key and spontaneous, say Sunday after lunch when the guests have gone and you have some quiet time to yourselves. Or it can be more of an event, a Saturday night revelry fueled by a decadent meal, or more simply by the high spirits of anticipation. Maybe one of the gifts you give him is a whisper earlier this week about what he can expect this weekend.

If you are looking for ways to make Father’s Day a little sexier, here is a short list of suggestions from MiddleSexy.

  • Sex toys can make great gifts. Here are some that we have reviewed and recommend you give a try.
  • Try a new position or try role play.
  • Test out a new lube.
  • Take a bath or a shower together.
  • Give him a really great hand job. (link to hand job)

Let us know how it goes! We love the idea of reserving a part of Father’s Day to celebrate the act that makes the whole holiday possible in the first place.

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