Shaving Face: How Women Do It

TinkleAs I get closer to menopause, one of the physical changes I notice is that I’m getting hair in new places.

The backs of my upper legs, a little outside the armpit area, and on my face. The first two have been easy to take care of. A quick swipe of my razor and they’re gone. But the facial hair has been a little harder to deal with. I’ve done some upper lip waxing. Some tweezing of the stray hair or two that keep showing up on my chin.

But I’m afraid that I’m going to lose my facial hair battle by fighting it piecemeal so I’m considering shaving.

Yep, I really said that. SHAVING. Shaving parts of my face scares the hell out of me. Doesn’t the skin grow make the hair grow back coarser? And more quickly? Am I that manly?

Dermatologists are saying that the whole coarser, darker hair thing is just not true. And beauty experts are extoling the exfoliating benefits of shaving, saying that it makes the skin softer and more receptive to all of those products we put on our faces.

There’s even a special razor, marketed towards women who shave face: the Tinkle. The Tinkle is disposable, inexpensive and can be used multiple times. Packaged as an eyebrow razor, the Tinkle is supposed to do a great job getting rid of the the fine, and not so fine, hair on your forehead, chin, upper lip and anywhere else hair is growing where you don’t want it to be.

And if you’re embarrassed to tell your friends and family why your face looks so smooth and glowy, just tell them that you’ve been “dermaplaning.” It sounds much prettier, and fancier, than saying, “I shaved my face.”

This weekend, you might find me standing above the bathroom sink, lathering up with my 18 year-old son’s Barbasol and doing a little facial dermaplaning of my own. If I get the nerve.


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5 thoughts on “Shaving Face: How Women Do It

  1. I’ve heard of this. I’m not that hairy yet, and the hair I do have is fine and blond. I don’t know, I kind of like the Frida Kahlo look. Have you considered waxing? I wax my legs all summer long and love it. I always hated shaving.


  2. Ugh…I’ve had such an issue with facial hair for years. I’ve tried everything including laser hair removal but found once I went through menopause everything grew back even worse. I used the Twinkles years ago but found that they created a lot of stubble and that made me miserable. The woman that I go to for waxing actually suggested a high quality epilator is truly the best thing. I always thought the info-mercials for those things were a joke and that they didn’t work but she said they really do if you get a tweezer-style one. I actually have it on my list of things to do this weekend…yes, this is what life comes down to after 50 !

  3. Thanks for writing this. Have been thinking a lot about this. Beth’s experience is what really scares me off because I’m afraid that will be mine. I’m one of those extra hairy types and it’s not a new thing for me.

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