Fashion Quickie: The Wedge Heel

wedge heelMy friend Lisa showed up for dinner the other night suddenly towering over the rest of our short girl posse. The source of her newly gained five inches – yes, five – was a jaunty pair of strappy black wedges.

The wedge, also known as a wedge boot or a “liftie,’ is a shoe or boot where the sole takes the form of a wedge and supplies both the sole and the heel. The design is said to go back to ancient Greece, and was popularized more recently – in the late 1930s – by Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo.

The beauty of the wedge is that the one piece sole-and-heel raises the foot bed and takes the pressure off the height of the heel. So you get a whole lot of height without forcing your foot to feel like it is skiing down an expert slope.

“I can run in my wedges,” bragged Lisa.

We told Ms. SmartyHeels that we were withholding dessert until she helped us find similar pairs, because hers turned out to be last season’s. Here’s where she sent us to look.


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