When Love Hurts Break Out The Lube

Creme de la Femme 2A few women I know who love sex have started to dread it a little bit. With fewer hormones flowing, their vaginas feel tighter and dryer, and penetration can be uncomfortable. “I never expected that it would hurt,” says a good friend who just turned 50.

While there are many remedies for vaginal dryness, the easiest option is lube. Over-the-counter lubricants provide extra moisture, clearing obstacles along the road to sexual happiness. My gynecologist recommends Crème de la Femme, which has no hormones, alcohol, dyes or glycerin. Reviewers say that is also has no odor, a major factor for me when choosing a lube.

MiddleSexy also likes the selection of lubes at Good Vibrations and at Pharmaca.

When you find the right lube for you, you’ll want to keep some in your night table and make sure to bring it along on vacation, when you are likely to be having more sex, according to MiddleSexy.

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