Beauty Quickie: Self Tanner

Loreal Sublime SerumI grew up in South Florida in the days before sunscreen was considered necessary. Baby oil was the only thing my friends and I rubbed on our beachy skin. Over 30 years later, I still live down here but I don’t leave the house without putting sunscreen on.

Sometimes though, I want a little glow. Especially on my legs. A little color makes them look better. For that, I turn to a self-tanner.

I’ve tried a few but the one I’ve liked the best is L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Serum. You mix in a few pumps of the serum with your favorite body lotion and then apply it to your skin.  There’s less chance of streaking or going too dark too quickly. And the price is right. It retails for under $11.00.

What’s your favorite self-tanner?

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