Masturbation: The Name of the Game Is…

LegsIn this edition of Carnal Knowledge, MiddleSexy investigates nicknames for masturbation. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Let your fingers do the walking
  • A night in with the girls
  • Climbing Mons Veneris
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Hitchhiking to heaven
  • Making bubbles
  • One-handed bridge
  • Playing poker
  • Doing the centipede shuffle
  • Riding the unicycle
  • Shucking the oyster
  • Muffin buffin’
  • Two finger tango
  • Strumming your guitar
  • Coming into your own

What are your favorite nicknames for having unisex? Let us know.

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Image via Marco Mazzone/Flickr