7 Mother’s Day Gifts (To Buy for Yourself)

Cosabella Lace ChemiseMother’s Day is rapidly approaching. I never expect anything from my husband because I’m not his mother. And my kids, now that they’re teens, usually surprise me with something sweet.

But this year, what with college applications and hormones, I’m feeling like I’m going to get myself something. Yes, I deserve it. And then some.

Here are a few of the things I’m desiring:

The Ina Wave: I have a few sex toys from Lelo, an amazing Swedish company that’s toys are a little pricey but definitely worth it. But I don’t have the Ina. The Ina Wave is a two prong vibrator that stimulates your clitoris while at the same time stimulates your G-Spot. And yes, I believe in the G-Spot.

Suki Nourishing Day Cream: My go-to face cream is an inexpensive CVS brand that seems to do the trick. But I’m a sucker for beautifully packaged items. This day cream fits that bill. It helps even skin tone and does a great job at hydrating. It evens helps with my rosacea.

Fresh Sugar Body Oil: I love the Fresh products and this body oil would definitely be a splurge for me. Ultra-nourishing, the oil contains primrose, sweet almond, apricot kernel, jojoba, and exotic citrus oils. I would keep this in the shower and rub it all over my body before I get out. The smell is energizing and the feel is luxuriously soft.

Choco Latte Body Buff: You know how much I love Las Vegas. For the ultimate in decadence, I would book the Choco Latte Body Buff at the Wynn Las Vegas Spa. The 100 minute  scrub and full body massage is accompanied by organic green coffee and Hawaiian cacao. But you don’t have to go to Vegas to indulge yourself. Book a massage at a local hotel or spa.

Cosabella Lace Chemise: I love pretty lingerie but I want it to cover those areas that give me pause. I’m secure in my looks but I’m human and have had a few C-sections. This pretty chemise from Cosabella does just that. Lacey, stretchy and available in lots of colors, including black. And it’s comfortable too.

Hungry For More: This book of erotic love stories, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, is perfect for you to read both alone or out loud with your partner. Romantic and steamy, these short stories will put you in the mood. And isn’t that how you became a mother in the first place?

Mast Brothers Chocolate: I’ve been on a dark chocolate kick since my husband and I went primal last fall. I’ve tried many different brands that are available locally but for me, living in a small town, mail-order is the way to go. Buy in bulk and buy quality sourced from small batch producers. Brooklyn based Mast Brothers bean-to-bar philosophy fits this bill.


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