Exercises We Love: Star Jumps

star jumpI recently tried this crouching form of Star Jump for the first time and was impressed with the multiple muscle groups it involves and the great cardio training it offers. You can also do it anytime and almost anywhere (it involves jumping up and down.)

How It Works:

Start in a standing position with your hands at your sides and your legs together.

Crouch down by bending your knees  (don’t hunch your back.)

Using your thighs and buttocks, push off and jump up so your legs form an upside down V shape and your arms making a regular V shape. This is similar to a jumping jack except your arms stay in an open V.

Repeat a few times, rest, then repeat again for five sets. Each time you try Star Jumps, try to build in more reps or sets.


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Image via Alexis Fam/Flickr