Journal of my 49th Year: What To Do About My Skin

Aging skin(I’m turning 50 at the end of this year. So for the next 12 months, I’m going to tackle different parts of what turning 50 means to me. Here’s entry number five. Find the series here.)

I’ve accepted the fact that no matter what I do, whether it’s exercising, eating right or praying to the anti-aging gods, I’m going to get older. Sure there are things that I can do to slow down the process and to enter my 50s feeling good. And I’m doing a lot of those things.

But I haven’t found the Fountain of Youth. Yet.

One of the biggest physical changes in the last couple of years has been with my skin.

It’s lost some of it’s elasticity and fullness. It’s getting a little wrinkly. And I’m getting some age spots.

All in all though, for almost 50, I don’t have too many wrinkles. I feel very lucky that somewhere in my heritage I have Eastern European, or maybe even Italian, blood. I have kind of olive skin that has fared pretty well over the years especially considering that I grew up in Miami and spent my high school years sunning on Key Biscayne with baby oil as my sunscreen.

Sometime after graduating from college, when I was living in New York, I started using sunscreen every day. The motivation was the permanent raccoon eyes I had due not to jetting off to a ski resort but to melasma caused by my birth control pills. I learned that if I wore sunscreen, the effect would be less pronounced. But I think that daily use of sunscreen has helped keep the sun’s damages to a minimum. Especially since I’ve lived back in Florida for over 17 years.

Over a decade ago, when I was newly divorced and back on the dating scene, I dabbled in various skin treatments like acid peels and microdermabrasion. And I loved the results. But I remarried and went from working full time to part time, with less of my own disposable income. Now with one kid heading off to college and another just two years behind, I’m feeling like my wallet is a little tight for pricey skin treatments. I’ve seen the results of some of the photofacials and laser treatments and wow, they seem just amazing.

Recently, I visited my dermatologist for the first time in five years and got a clean bill of skin health. We talked about some of the non-invasive, less expensive treatments I could do to refresh my skin. So as it gets closer to my 50th birthday, I may treat myself to a round of acid peels just so I feel like I look my best when I’m entering my next decade.

But for the most part, I’ll stick with my current skin care regimen. Everyday I wear a tinted moisturizer that has a sunscreen of SPF 20. If I’m going to be outside for any longer than just flitting back and forth between air conditioned buildings, I’ll put on a “real” sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.

I use an exfoliating cleanser at least once a day. I take my makeup off every night and put a CVS brand moisturizing night cream on my face. Every once in a while, I’ll throw in an anti-aging serum. Right now, I’m using iS Clinical’s aptly named Youth Serum. It’s evening out my skin tone and making things seem a little smoother.

I don’t mind my face showing some of it’s age. Sure, I’ll do what I can, to some extent, to look the best that I can. Because when I think I look good, I feel good. But like Popeye says, “I yam what I yam.” And I am proud to be an almost 50 year-old woman.

What are your favorite anti-aging skin care products?


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11 thoughts on “Journal of my 49th Year: What To Do About My Skin

  1. Yep, my skin, skin tone, and muscle tone are not so good. What surprised me, as I turned 50, was the deterioration of my muscle tone. I have always been an avid exerciser, and I love free weights. But we have to admit it, sooner or later, the triceps go. I’m really wishing for those laser treatments. I was very bad to my skin when I was younger. I smoked and I loved the sun, now it shows. But it’s not all bad. While there are some things I don’t really like about my face, it’s my face, and I’m healthy!


  2. So far (at 53), I’m just doing diet, nutrition, exercise and staying out of the sun. My step-mom used to do micro-dermabrasion in a salon before she retired. I only use Ivory soap on my face. I suppose I could be more proactive. I could try to investigate products and procedures–especially since I look significantly older than my husband: I’m 5 years older than he is (and he’s heavy sans wrinkles and I’m not heavy so my wrinkles are more prominent). Thanks for raising awareness.

  3. I have been using Yves Rocher skin products for most of the last 20 years or so (I just turned 48). I almost always moisturize morning and night, and I use special under-eye creams too. I think my skin looks pretty good and I don’t have many wrinkles yet. But I do think one benefit of being fat is fewer wrinkles. 🙂

  4. At 46, I didn’t realize after losing 35 lbs that it’d have the effect on my face that it did. I was heavy but not many wrinkles. Now I have those deep set ‘puppet lines’ around my mouth. I’ve been using everything from Estee lauders’ Night Repair serum to Loreal, to Dr. Fisher’s (I bought when overseas) and nothing is really doing anything other than just making my face look fresher or lighten the skin tone, which is ok. But I really want to know what would help lessen those deep smile lines. Does Microabrasion help w/ this? What does? Thanks,

    • Hey Tori! Not sure if microdermabrasion would help with that. Maybe fillers? Definitely check with your dermatologist!

  5. I must be blessed with good skin genes even in light of the fact that I too was the baby oil user in the 60s and 70s. I grew up in the Pacific NW which I think helps because we don’t have intense heat here like other places. I’m 55 and have been a huge fan of lotions for my entire life. I can’t stand dry skin anywhere. I never wear makeup to bed, I use basic Olay cleanser in the evening, L’Oreal eye cream and ROC retinol is fantastic! I ‘m a firm believer in exfoliating my skin and I LOVE Clinique’s 7 day facial scrub. It’s gentle and leaves my skin very smooth for applying my makeup. Boots 7 also puts out a really good anti aging foundation. Expensive is not always better and there are lots of good products, you just have to experiment.

    • Hi Patty, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to share some of your favorite products. I am a huge lotion fan as well. I’m going to try the Clinique scrub.

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