MiddleSexy’s Guide to Knotting a Cherry Stem With Your Tongue

maraschino cherryWhen I had just become old enough to drink, a group of friends and I were out at a club when one of our bunch ate a maraschino cherry then knotted the stem with her tongue. Most of us thought it was incredibly sexy, and all of us were instantly jealous. Her trick had attracted the attention of a really good looking guy across the bar and she spent the evening dancing with him, while we danced with one another in a circle, our tiny evening bags resting in a pool at our feet.

During the next few weeks we went through countless jars of cherries as we tried to learn, but none of the rest of us ever mastered the technique. I recently caught up with my old friend on social media, and asked if she was still doing her trick. She assured me that she was, and sent me this step-by-step guide.

How to Knot a Cherry Stem with Your Tongue

1. Use maraschino cherries, because the stems are already soft.

2. Find the cherry with the longest stem possible.

3. Eat the cherry.

4. Put the stem in your mouth, and moisten it a bit more.

5. Fold the stem lengthwise using the tip of your tongue, til it resembles a partial loop.

6. Take the folded stem ends between your teeth, and manipulate them until they form an X shape.

7. Hold one end of the X with your teeth, and use your tongue to push the other end through the loop.

8. Remove and display your knot!


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Image via Kathleen Franklin/Flickr