Food Preferences And Boudoir Behavior

grilled cheeseWe are big foodies here at MiddleSexy, so we closely follow research that links breaking bread with getting it on. Like a new study from social dating site Skout, that says that people who like grilled cheese are more likely to be doing the dirty than those who don’t like the sandwiches.

Of 4,600 people polled, 32 percent of the grilled cheese lovers claimed to be having sex at least six times a month, versus only 27 percent for those who said they don’t like grilled cheese.

The 2015 grilled cheese survey is sure to go into the food research pantheon along with studies that say that beer drinkers have more sex on the first date than people who don’t drink the stuff (according to dating site OK Cupid) and a landmark study of my tennis group that found women 40+ who like dark chocolate are more adventurous in bed than those who prefer milk chocolate. White chocolate eaters (you know it’s not really chocolate, right?) were the most conservative when it came to trying new things with their partners.

Did we whet your appetite? Let us know if you have a food and sex survey to suggest and we’ll ask MiddleSexy readers to weigh in.


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Image via Anne Swoboda/Flickr