Beauty Quickie: Spring Sunscreen

Spring has sprung!

And it’s time for us to go outside and start getting our Vitamin D naturally from the sun. Though the sun’s rays may not seem too strong this time of year, it’s still important to protect our skin from any harmful effects.

There are so many wonderful sunscreens on the market these days. Sunscreens without harmful chemicals, that go on easily and that don’t smell like the sunscreens of our childhood. Not that we wore sunscreen too often in our youth. But we’ve learned our lesson.

Here are a few of MiddleSexy’s favorite sunscreen options:

Coola Face SunscreenCoola Face Sunscreen Moisturizer Cream: We love the Coola line for it’s smooth and even application. Not thick or gloppy. This unscented version, with an SPF 30, is perfect for everyday use to protect your face.

Supergoop Hand CreamSupergoop Forever Young Hand Cream with Sea Buckthorn: Now that you’re not wearing gloves everyday, you need protection for your hands. This hand cream has an SPF of 40 and isn’t greasy or heavy.

Alba Emollient SunscreenAlba Botanica Very Emollient Sport Sunscreen: When it’s time to start disrobing, at the beach or in your backyard, the rest of your body is going to need some protection as well. This sunscreen with an SPF of 45 gives full spectrum coverage while also moisturizing your post-winter skin.


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