Sex And Your Knees

My beautiful pictureMy friend Larissa is just back from a Caribbean vacation with her boyfriend. They had a marvelous time, relaxing on the beach, swimming with dolphins, and playing to win on the resort’s lovely tennis courts. Then one night in bed, Larissa heard a pop in her knee. “And we weren’t even doing anything fancy,” she reported.

Sex can be a lot more athletic, and a lot more orthopedic than you think. Pressure put on knees during foreplay or the act itself can exacerbate underlying conditions. And we all know plenty of people who have twisted their knees while trying new positions, or going at it in cramped quarters, like the back seat of a car or the bathroom of a friend’s house during a particularly wild party. Sex after a knee injury can be tricky as well, especially for women who contract their leg muscles to heighten orgasm.

For those who are nursing hurt knees, the best position for sex is the Missionary position. If that’s too tame for you, try a Reverse Missionary, where you stretch out but on top. Or give it a go standing up or bending over a sofa, with your partner taking you from behind.

When you are done checking out an alternate position, fill a plastic bag with ice and keep it on your injured knee for a few minutes. Search reputable medical websites for strengthening exercises you can do, or talk to your doctor. You’ll be back on top before you know it!

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Image via Alison Postma/Flickr