13 Aphrodisiacs You Can Eat

figIndulge your appetite for some fine foods in order to whet your appetite for some great sex. Here at MiddleSexy, this is what we call a win-win situation.

Aphrodisiacs stimulate sexual desire, working on brain and body to get us hot and bothered. They flirt with our hormone levels, whispering the kind of sweet nothings that convince blood vessels to dilate in just the right places. Sometimes all we need to do is think about their powers in order to bring on that sublime rush of desire, letting our brains fuel the heat that certain foods can create in our bodies.

Edibles thought to have aphrodisiac powers range from seeds to fruit to shellfish and often come in shapes reminiscent of sex organs. We’ve captured a baker’s dozen in the following list of foods with sexual benefits. We think you’ll find that there’s no better way to have your cake and eat it too.

The smell alone is is supposed to cause female arousal. But almonds also contain amino acids, which are known to increase arousal.

The Greeks wrote poems about it and the French binged on it before their wedding nights. This phallic-looking vegetable is filled with energy-boosters that include calcium and vitamin E.

The Aztecs, noting that avocados grow in pairs, nicknamed the plant the “testicle tree” and worried that it would influence young women to lose their virginity.

Need we say more? In addition to its resemblance to a certain male organ, bananas are filled with potassium and vitamin B, which can influence the production of sex hormones.

This spice is loaded with cineole, which can increase blood flow when applied directly. It is known to help with erectile dysfunction.

Chili Peppers
Capsaicin, the chemical compound that makes peppers hot, can do the same for you by increasing circulation and stimulating your nerve endings.

The Aztecs worshipped chocolate and believed that it enhanced their sexual prowess. Modern science has found dark chocolate packed with the feel-good chemicals phenylethylamine and serotonin.

An open fig is thought to resemble a vagina. I am craving its sweet gooeyness right now.

Garlic can increase circulation. Tibetan monks were onCe forbidden to enter their monasteries if they had been eating the bulbs, which were believed to promote sexy thoughts.

Like garlic, ginger root and its scent are thought to stimulate circulation. All over.

The honeymoon gets its name from this thick golden liquid, which has been used to promote sexual desire since medieval times.

Meaning sweet root in ancient Greek, it has a smell that can stimulate blood flow.

One of MiddleSexy’s favorite shellfish, the oyster bears a striking resemblance to female genitalia. It also contains compounds, including D-aspartic acid, known to release testosterone and estrogen.

This fruit contains compounds that can mimic estrogen, and its silky flesh comes in gorgeous shades of pink.

Next time you want to seduce or be seduced, plan a meal that incorporates these aphrodisiac foods. Then send us the menu!


Image via Marc Kjerland/Flickr