Product Review: Perfect Pluckers

Eyebrows. Chin. Upper Lip. Areola. These are just some of the beauty spots where an excellent tweezer comes in handy. But not all tweezers are created equal. We’ve all dealt with pincers that are too fat, too weak, too blunt or too hard to properly wield. MiddleSexy’s researchers have been hard to work to bring you our recommendations for the best pluckers out there.

Anastasia tweezersAnastasia Beverly Hills Precision Tweezers: It took our testers a couple of tries to get used to the angled motion needed to properly yank, but once they figured it out, they were hooked. Anastasia says its orientation against the skin promises slower regrowth. We believe it!

TweezermanTweezerman Slant Tweezer: Typically the top recommendation from beauty editors, Tweezerman’s reputation is rightfully earned. This is an exceptionally good workhorse, great on all kinds of hairs, including those that are fine or ingrown. When these babies get dull, you can mail them back to Tweezerman for free sharpening.

Rubis Swiss Cross TweezerRubis Swiss Cross Stainless Tweezer: Rubis makes a high-end product that our testers loved for thick and thin hairs alike. Plus the bright red grip makes it easy to find in a purse or medicine cabinet.

Revlon Slant Tip Expert TweezerRevlon Expert Tweezer Slant Tip: This was our testers’ favorite budget model. Perhaps a little less perfect than the others, but great as a backup or to keep in a travel bag.

One important tip for tweezing: Pull in the direction of hair growth, and make sure to grab only one hair at a time.

On a related note, one of Jennifer’s great columns talks a lot about chin hairs.

What’s your favorite pair of tweezers?

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