Friday Links: Winter, the Beach and More

Warm beachThe whole country is freezing, including South Florida where I sit bundled up in 37 degrees. It’s time for us all to think warm thoughts and get the temperature back up to civilized. Who knows. It just might work.

  • The temperature in Miami is below 50 but everything is relative. Check out this list of places to eat and drink there. Then book a flight!
  • If you can’t get out of town, watch one of these beachy movies.
  • I love Las Vegas. It’s warmer there than it is here. But I’ve never spent $300,000 on a dinner. See how it adds up!
  • Do you like Japanese food? Check out teeny tiny yakitori prepared on a teeny tiny grill. Imagine warming your hands over the coals.
  • I want a grass centerpiece for my coffee table like this one. It’ll make me feel springy.