Fashion Quickie: How To Lengthen Your Legs

tennis skirtI need a new tennis skirt. I haven’t found one I like in about a five years. I have been rotating the few that I have, and overuse has weakened the elastic and left the crotches just this side of unspeakable. Why is it so hard for me to find a skirt to buy? I have a little more thigh than I would like, and finding a style I feel flatters my legs takes some doing.

So today, instead of standing frustrated in a dressing room littered with inside-out garments, I decided to start with research. What I learned will help my tennis skirt search (I need to go short and just a little flouncy) but it will also help you make your legs look longer no matter what activity you are dressing for.

First, what not to wear: Avoid wide-legged capris. Short and boxy pants will make your legs look short and boxy, and pairing them with flat shoes makes things even worse. Long shorts have the same effect as capris.
So tamp down that desire to hide your figure, and follow this advice instead:
Wear slim-fitting long dark pants or jeans to lengthen your frame. Heels always help. And if you are wearing shorts, make sure they are short!
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