Exercises We Love: Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbersHere’s another great all-around exercise that doesn’t require equipment and is easy to learn how to do.

Why MIddlesexy Loves Mountain Climbers: Mountain climbers give you a lot of return on your investment, especially for the lower body. They build cardio strength, burn calories and give a good workout to several muscle groups, including the abdominal core.

Here’s How They Work:

Get into a push-up or plank position, with your hands spaced shoulder-width apart or slightly farther. Your legs should be parallel and straight out behind you, resting on your toes.

Bend your right knee and bring toward your right hand, getting as close as you can. Then return it to its original position, and bend your left knee and bring it toward your left hand. Repeat slowly a few times until you get the hang of it, then try to increase your speed.

Try to keep going for 30 seconds, then work up to a minute. You can increase the calories you burn by increasing your speed and intensity.

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