Sage Advice About Hot Flashes

sageWomen who like turkey with stuffing and suffer from hot flashes can now kill two birds with one stone, according to an article published in Advances in Therapy, a monthly peer-reviewed medical journal.

Sage, a culinary herb, has been found to alleviate hot flashes, according to the study, which followed 71 Swiss women. While salvia officinalis has been traced back to the Roman pharmacopeia , it wasn’t until 2011 that a clinical study was published substantiating sage as a treatment for symptoms of menopause. The study, it should be noted, was sponsored by A. Vogel, a Swiss company that sells herbal remedies that include – you guessed it! – a sage-based dietary supplement.

While we here at Middle Sexy keep a very open mind about herbal remedies and use many ourselves, we want to remind our readers that when making health decisions based on medical journal studies, you must always consider the source.

Have any of our readers used sage effectively to prevent or lessen the frequency of hot flashes? If so, let us know the details – i.e. drink it as tea, take sage supplements, or eat a lot of turkey with stuffing.

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