Diet Quickie: Holiday Eating Tips

glass of waterWe made it through Thanksgiving with it’s feast of overabundance, including tons and tons of desserts.

That was easy compared to what we’re going to be faced with over the next few weeks.

Two of the most important tips for healthy holiday eating?

  • Don’t go to a party hungry. Have a little healthy snack before you leave the house. Some nuts, fruit or even a little cheese. A ravenous eater is not a smart one.
  • Make sure to hydrate. Drinking water, club soda or some other non-caloric beverage while celebrating will help keep you hydrated. And at the same time will help your stomach not feel empty.

Check out MiddleSexy’s full list of tips at Ate [Sic] Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating.


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Top image via jenny downing/Flickr