Friday Links: The Neon Museum, Mary Jane Falls and More

Spring Mountains

The view from Mary Jane Falls

Tomorrow is my birthday so I’m in one of my favorite places in the world: Las Vegas. But it’s my Las Vegas. Which means no shows and very little gambling. It’s about hiking, eating off of the Strip and having cocktails at my favorite bar. Oh, and getting a hot stone massage.

  • The Wynn Las Vegas is the home to Allegro, an Italian restaurant run by the awesome Chef Enzo Febbraro who gives the best teddy bear hugs. The food is amazing but what keeps me coming back is the bar with it’s friendly, funny and attentive bartenders that have become like family over the years. The things they’ve seen. Cinched shorts, red wine tongues and blue cheese stuffed olives. Added bonus? One of the bartenders looks like Dave Grohl. (But you can call him Hans.)
  • The Mary Jane Falls trail in the Spring Mountains is a favorite. Lots of switchbacks, cooler temperatures and at certain times of the year, a waterfall. Yesterday there was snow up on the mountain. Absolutely gorgeous.
  • This trip, I did something kind of touristy. I was a first time visitor to the Neon Museum and took a one-hour guided tour which included lots of old Las Vegas history and cool neon signs. I highly recommend it.
  • One of the reasons I hike, in addition to enjoying the scenery, is so that I can eat. We don’t have such a diverse number of dining choices where I live. Some favorite restaurants? Lotus of Siam, Raku, Sen of Japan and Bachi Burger. All are located off of the Strip.

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