Ate [Sic] Tips For Healthy Holiday Eating

Thanksgiving plateI love holiday food. Tenderloin, turkey, sweet potatoes with a marshmallow crust and all of those yummy desserts.

But I’ve worked so hard to be healthy the last couple of months with my diet and exercise, that I don’t want to blow it over the next couple of weeks. Plus, as I’ve moved closer to my fifties, my metabolism has become slower. I can’t eat like I used to and not gain weight. It sucks. I love food. But something’s got to give.

So here are some things I’m going to practice this holiday season:

1. Eat small portions: Don’t you always want to try everything that’s laid out on a pretty holiday buffet. Which is fine. But only if you have small amounts.

2. Hydrate: Drinking water, club soda or some other non-caloric beverage while celebrating will help keep you hydrated. And at the same time will help your stomach not feel empty.

3. Don’t over-imbibe: After a cocktail or two, your will power to stay on the the healthy track can decrease. I’ve been known to start eating without savoring my food. And that is not good policy. You can add a spritz to your wine or enjoy a drink made with a club soda mixer and a few squeezes of fresh fruit.

4. Don’t go to a party hungry: Have a little healthy snack before you leave the house. Some nuts, fruit or even a little cheese. A ravenous eater is not a smart one.

5. Enlist a food buddy: My husband and I talk to each other during the evening (or afternoon) about what we’re eating. We even share bites so we can taste more things. Cute, right? Or maybe not. But it works for us.

6. Exercise: Holidays should be an excuse to exercise more not less. What better way to catch up with friends and family than to take a nice long walk. If you’re in South Florida, like I am, you can even stroll on the beach. If your weather is frightful, try a YouTube yoga class or pull out the Wii.

7. Aim to remain the same: The holidays aren’t a time to be restrictive and try to lose weight. It’s more realistic to aim for maintaining your current weight. After the holidays, you can join all of the other weight-loss resolution makers but you’ll really mean it.

8. Wear something tight: No elastic waist pants or loose muumuus. Remember that wedding I went to a few weeks ago? I wore a very fitted dress. One that did not leave a lot of room for a food belly. Which helped me limit what I ate. Not kidding!

What are your tips for making it through the holidays without scaring your scale?

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