Friday Links: Anjelica Huston, Oral Sex and More

lelo ora 2Happy Friday! I’m far away from home because I’m going to a wedding this weekend. A second marriage of one of my BFFs. Here’s a motley group of links I found while surfing the Internet from 30,000 feet. (That’s still a novelty for me.)

  • Sex toy manufacturer LELO just released the results of an oral sex survey. 96% of the respondents said that oral sex was something that they enjoyed. If your partner is sadly one of the 4% check out LELO’s Ora Oral Sex Stimulator.
  • Reading about farting during an MRI made me belly laugh. Not that I’ve ever done that but, at times, I’ve had to focus to hold it in during an intimate act. Kind of ruins the moment but it’s a reality.
  • One of the best sex tips I’ve ever heard is something that we know but sometimes forget: “Let go of the belief that sex is more about their partner’s pleasure.” How about some of these other ones?
  • The very talented Anjelica Huston has a new memoir out and in it she dishes about her off-and-on romance with Jack Nicholson. I’m looking forward to reading about it

Have a fabulously sexy weekend!

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