Friday Links: Snail Mucus, Sriracha Mayo and More


Lelo’s new Luna Smart Bead

Every Friday on MiddleSexy, we’re going to share the best of our weekly discoveries with you. Starting now.

  • Swedish company Lelo, designer of high quality sex toys, has released the Luna Smart Bead to help us achieve stronger orgasms. Our own little personal pleasure trainer. Using it is like doing kegels but with electronic guidance.
  • So snail mucus is a thing. And you put it on your face to make yourself look younger. Korean women have been doing it for years. I just might have to try some. Wonder if I can just get the snails in my garden to walk across my face?
  • Do you think about how you are going to dress as you get older? I mean older than than 60. Check out how the seven older women in the newly-released documentary Advanced Styles wear their clothing. Very fashionable.
  • This might be a little off-topic but has anyone ever tried Sriracha mayo? I made a sandwich today with turkey, avocado, onion, arugula, cheddar and Sriracha mayo. Creamy and spicy. I’ll never look at a sandwich the same way again.
  • I’m not sure that I want to live over the age of 100 but if you do, check out why these old people made it that long. Ms. Jones, 115 years old, eats bacon every single day. Maybe it’s worth a shot. But she also never had children. (Mental Floss)

What did you see this week that grabbed your attention?


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Top image via Lelo

Home page image via Graham Norrie/Flickr