Weight Gain? Can’t Blame My Metabolism

Express dress on me aI’m fat.

Okay, so I’m not fat but I’m heavier now, by almost ten pounds, than I was a year ago. And I liked my weight a year ago. Really liked it.

But now my clothes are tight.

And I know what has happened.

I can’t blame the gain on my 48 year-old metabolism, though I would like to. Or on some sort of thyroid disorder since I had my blood work done recently and it was perfect. Even my cholesterol.

No, I’ve gained weight because over the last 12 months, I’ve eaten too much and exercised too little.

I was forced to face this reality yesterday when I went shopping with my 15 year-old daughter. I wanted a new little casual dress for a few events I have coming up. There were tons of dresses to choose from at our local mall. And I tried on a dozen or so. But every one that I tried on made me look round. Like a pumpkin.

And I don’t like pumpkins.

To make matters worse, I had to be super aware of what I said to my daughter about how I thought I looked. I didn’t want to say “I’m fat” or “I look fat” because I know that my attitude towards my body affects her own image.

She’s at an age where her body image is changing because her body is changing. She’s already had to deal with negative statements about her body but quite the opposite from mine. She’s a petite thing and a friend, or two, of hers has told her that she looks anorexic. And that upsets her.

At the last store we went to, my kid picked out a dress for me to try on. Stripes. And I assumed I’d look like a jailbird. But when I looked in the mirror I saw that the dress looked surprisingly flattering on me. And it was on sale to boot.


I walked out of the store with a new dress and with the thought that yes, it’s time to make a change.

I don’t want to buy all new clothes. And I want to feel really good about my body again because that feeling permeates every aspect of my life. As a woman, a wife and a mother.

I’m thinking about documenting it on here because that will keep me honest. We’ll see. Either way, by Halloween, I’ll be a pumpkin no more.

Because I really hate pumpkins. But I love my new dress.

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2 thoughts on “Weight Gain? Can’t Blame My Metabolism

  1. Way to own it – very courageous. You’re probably not looking for advice, but my wife and I recently completed a cycle of the workout program P90X3. It’s an amazing program – very intense but only 30 minutes a day. My wife and I have always been pretty fit and in shape, but this program got us into the best condition of the past 15 years.

    • Hey there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I’ve heard some pretty awesome things about the P90X3. I’ll check it out. And thanks for the repost.

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